LOOK: Cardi B wears jaw-dropping see-through dress to go shopping

UNITED STATES – Cardi B has worn some crazy outfits before, but this is undoubtedly one of her most bizarre.

Just looking at the dress is mind-boggling. It takes a while to figure out exactly what it is.

At first it looks like she’s simply wearing a red galactic print dress, with a white knit chest and neck covering.

Yet on closer inspection, you find yourself wondering if it’s in fact a transparent fabric since you can see her panties – or is it the print on fabric? Mind-blowing!

The rapper took to her Instagram to post a picture of herself wearing this incredible creation. With hubby looking on, she strikes a pose looking rather demure in comparison to the completely over-the-top outfit.

If the front wasn’t mind-blowing enough, her video post certainly shows us more than we needed to know as she proudly shows off her tattooed booty, as her famous thong is visibly on display. No bra in sight either.

The look is completed with a pair of red studded Saint Laurent heels.

It’s not Grammy night, so where would she possibly go in an outfit like that?

Shopping in Beverly Hills of course! Well, only in Cardi B’s world is that an acceptable outfit to go shopping in.

Hubby Offset was just as blown away by his wife’s outfit, that he had to post her look – showing both the front and back of the dress on his own Instagram page, with the caption, “I know you wish you was me sh****tt I wish I was me.”

The unique dress is a creation by designer Pierre-Louis Auvray.

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