UITH successfully separates conjoined twins, offer parents job opportunities


KWARA, Nigerian – When a 25-year-old Tawakalitu Hassan, a hairdresser and 35-year-old Ahmed Hassan, an aluminium fabricator were blessed with conjoined twins about five months ago, they became objects of scorn in their community.

Succour, however, found them when the management of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, UHTI, and the Kwara State Government waded into their case.

The journey started five months ago in New Bussa Local Government Area of Niger State where Habbeebat and Habeeb were delivered conjoined through a cesarean section

This development was a major concern for their parents as neighbours and people of New Bussa were already having different notions about them. Just as the ray of hope was about to go dim for Ahmed and Tawakalitu who gave birth to the twins, the UHTI came to their rescue with financial assistance from the Kwara State Government for the required surgery which was carried out by a team of 66 surgeons. For the UHTI which had attempted such surgery in 2005 and in 2016 both unsuccessful, the breakthrough speaks volume as it is the first of its kind.

To cap it all and bring succour to the family, the UHTI also offered the father of the twins an appointment with the works department of the hospital while the mother has also been offered a job as a porter in the hospital in order to give the twins the desired care.

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