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Esther Chizaram Ngele: Pure Bliss: 2021

The world is not a bed of roses, so there are precautions.

Look before you leap, lest you break a leg.

Walking on bare foot doesn’t qualify me as Cinderella.

I just love the feels of lilies and tulips under my feet;

But it’s all in my head.


With imagination I created a world of roses.

Where I walk freely and receive with joy, the scents it brings.

With no care, I escape the hassles.

The deafening noises I escape from.

Just to be free, just to be me.

But then the thorns on my feet wouldn’t let me run.

Run far cause its pain reminds me of the real world.

A world where I have to get out of my head and get busy.

Until, you came along!


In all your glory and might. You set me free and at peace.

Now I don’t have to hide anymore.

Creation, connection, love and wealth at my beck and call!

Who knew I could live in pure bliss in such a world?

You’ve made love so simple. Just as it ought to be.

No mindless games and no need to pretend;

It is your true nature.


So I say, thank you! Thank you for rescuing me.

Thank you for coming along.

Thank you for being different and better.

Thank you for a peaceful world you bring.

Thank you because with you, I don’t have to be strong for myself.

Thank you for having me.

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