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Two nurses suspended after a stillborn baby’s body went missing at hospital

MPUMALANGA, South Africa – The Health Department in Mpumalanga has suspended two nurses after a stillborn baby’s body went missing at the Witbank General Hospital.

A 34-year-old mother was left traumatised when she was given the wrong baby after her own died.

She was told the body of her baby was taken to the hospital mortuary but just before the burial it was nowhere to be found.

The departments Dumisani Malamule said the facility admitted to switching the bodies due to human error.

“A stillborn was missing on Friday and when the family came to claim the body, it could not be found. On the second day, they were given the wrong body. A search continued until the baby was found in one of the mortuaries, but we are still in the process of identifying if indeed the body belongs to that family.”

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