Bishops Diocesan College sex scandal: Fiona Viotti’s case closed as witnesses refuse to testify

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – The South African Council of Educators (SACE) has closed its file in its investigation against former Bishops Diocesan College teacher Fiona Viotti, who was discovered by the school for having engaged in sexual misconduct with five children between 2013 and 2019.

This was due to a lack of cooperation from witnesses.

SACE said the investigation report was presented to its ethics committee on December 3

“In light of the fact that no parent was willing to allow any of their children to make statements to SACE, [the] The council had no choice but to provisionally close the matter in the hope that perhaps one day we can meet witnesses. [who] he will be willing to assist us with our investigations, “SACE spokesman Themba Ndhlovu said in a statement.

SACE previously postponed the submission date from October 15 to December 3 because they were directed at another student who they were told could be of help.

The student in question, through his legal representative, indicated that he would not participate in any interview with SACE.

“In that regard, we had to present our final report on December 3 to close the matter based on the lack of cooperation from the witnesses. We are now closing the file and will notify the parties accordingly.”

After the allegations made headlines, the former Bishops teacher resigned and went into medical care. Their marriage also ended.

School-appointed attorneys conducted an investigation and it was found that she had violated the school’s code of conduct and SACE’s code of ethics.

His attorney, William Booth, told earlier this week that Viotti had been awaiting the outcome of the SACE affair.

He said there was also no evidence of criminal conduct because the witnesses were not prepared to testify against him.

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