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Mother loses her only two sons in shooting

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – A Cape Town mother is reeling in shock after the death of her only children, who were shot dead.

Charlton Witbooi, 16, and Peter De Villiers, 23, were heading home from the shop where they had bought a litre of milk for their mother when gunmen opened fire on them, pumping bullets into their bodies in Geranium Street in Uitsig.

Their devastated mother, Sharon Witbooi, 44, a member of the Western Cape Missing Persons Unit (WCMPU), told African News Agency (ANA) her world came crashing down on Sunday just after 9pm.

“At about 8.45pm, Peter was at the house. Charlton was visiting me for the weekend as he lived in Delft with his uncle.

“Peter came in after I sent him to the shop but came back without the milk. He said he was going to get the milk and bring Charlton home,” Sharon said.

The mother said her boys knew their curfew was 9pm. She was told that as soon as Peter reached the local tuck shop he met his brother, who was standing at the shop with his friends.

“On their way home, two guys are alleged to have come around the corner. Stood still and one pulled a gun. A shot went off before the gun was drawn.

“I was told Peter stood in front of his friends and shouted to Charlton to run.

“As Charlton tried running, he fell flat on his bum and as he stood up one of the guys grabbed him, held him and shot him in the head,” Sharon explained, crying.

She said Peter was shot from the front of his body as well as in the head.

The mother said she would understand if her sons were gangsters, but they were not, and it devastates her that her children were murdered viciously.

“I blame myself. Charlton wanted me to get his phone on Saturday to go home, but I did not get it. Those children were my everything. I have nothing.

“They were together and only they were hurt? Why only my sons? I will never get over this, not just the one, but both? Why?” she lamented.

Sharon said the cake she had ordered for one of her sons was still sitting on her kitchen counter and the chicken she had fried for them was still just standing there, waiting.

“If someone wanted to get me down, they got it right. It may not be now but I will get back up. It is what my boys would have wanted,” Sharon said.

The mother reminisced on playing dominoes every day with Peter, and Charlton singing a song to her whenever she was angry at him.

She said her children were very involved in the WCMPU and volunteered whenever they could.

Provincial police spokesperson Colonel André Traut confirmed the shooting.

“The circumstances surrounding the death of two male persons are under investigation after they were shot and killed on Sunday at around 9.50pm in Geranium Street in Uitsig, Ravensmead,” Traut said.

A memorial service will be held for Charlton and Peter on Thursday. The community has planned a march for Saturday against these senseless murders.

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