ZIMBABWE – Reports have it that Zimbabwean socialite and businessman, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure, who died in a road accident on Sunday, November 8, had bought his own casket a week before his death.

Prior to Ginimbi death, Michelle Amuli, popularly known as Mimie Moana, had a dream that she died and she wasted no time in narrating her dream in a video which has since gone viral.

Unfortunately, Mimie’s dream came to pass as the accident occurred while the group was returning from Dreams Night Club after celebrating Mimie’s 26th birthday.

Ginimbi was laid to rest today in his Domboshava mansion.

The socialite was known for flaunting his luxurious and flamboyant lifestyle.

Meanwhile, police in Zimbabwe have started investigating the death of Ginimbi after reports showed that there were gunshot marks on his burnt Rolls Royce.

Zimbabwean publication, News Day, has quoted Zimbabwe’s National Police Spokesperson, Paul Nyathi, as saying “we are still conducting our investigations.”

Reports based on which the Zimbabwean police have initiated investigations suggested that Ginimbi and his friends were shot at, leading to the accident.

Reports have also shown that the personal belongings of Ginimbi including phones, shoes, wallets, were robbed following the accident, prior to the popular belief of Ginimbi Rolls Royce colliding head-on with a Honda Fit.

According to reports, prior to his death, Karim was allegedly a wanted man in Malawi over his alleged involvement in a $30 million money-laundering case.

Earlier reports by a Malawi media outlet, Nyasa Times, had alleged that Karim was wanted in connection with Malawi’s biggest corruption scandal.

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