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GRAPHIC PICS: Mozambican national slits his own throat

DURBAN, South Africa – A 16 year old Mozambican National slit his throat twice after he was accused of theft at a general dealer in Parkgate, Ottawa a short while ago (Thursday).
Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) received a call at approximately 13:13 from the owner of the store requesting urgent medical attention for the teenager who was found bleeding excessively from his injuries.
Reaction Officers and Medics were dispatched to the store in the vicinity of the Parkgate Taxi Rank and upon arrival found the male seated in a back room. He was conscious but bleeding from two lacerations to his throat. Medics worked quickly to stabilize him before transporting him to hospital.
The teenager claimed that he was assaulted with a bottle by his Ethiopian National store manager during an argument. He was then allegedly locked in a room. The boy also claimed that his manager threathened to kill him when their employer arrived.
While waiting he located a knife in the room and decided to take his own life.
His manager denied the assault or the threats made but informed Reaction Officers that he caught the temporary worker stealing R200 from the business. He asked him to be seated in a back room until the owner of the store arrived. When they checked on him they found him bleeding. A kitchen knife (picture 3) was located next to him.
The Verulam SAPS are investigating further.
*Pictures are of a Graphic Nature. Not For Sensitive Readers.

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