US 2020 Election: Shehu Sani reacts to Trump’s vote fraud claim

ABUJA, Nigeria – Shehu Sani, former Senator from Kaduna Statr, on Friday reacted to the rigging allegation trailing the ongoing presidential election.

Sani said the ongoing presidential election has exposed the vulnerability of the US democracy.

There has been allegation of rigging in favour of Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate.

Donald Trump had raised the alarm over vote manipulation against him.

In his address to the nation yesterday, Trump had claimed he was hearing “horror stories” of Democrats manipulating the exercise, especially via mail-in ballots

However, Sani, in a tweet wrote: “American model of democracy has been a reference point for standard, order and responsibility. It has been an example for freedom and good conduct.

“We all now know about its imperfections and vulnerabilities. Like in everything else, pick the good and take lessons from the bad.”

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