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This October, while Nigerian youths were peacefully protesting all over Nigerian streets and trending the #EndSARS hashtag on social media, #CongoIsBleeding hashtag was trending in Congo, and #EndAnglophoneCrisis was trending in Cameron.
Sadly, many of us didn’t even know about what was going on in other African countries.
From what I gathered, Congo is going through what many referred to as a “silent holocaust.”
So Congo is blessed with metallic mineral resources.
Over 60% of the world’s cobalt reserve is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo- I had to google this to be sure.
Cobalt is refined to make coltan which is primarily used for the production of tantalum capacitors, used in many electronic devices.
Coltan is also very important in the production of smartphones and tantalum capacitors that are used in almost every kind of electronic device.
You can say that we have Congo to thank for most of the smartphones produced and used worldwide.
However, corrupt and greedy Congolese leaders have turned the country into something else.
They have conveniently turned a blind eye and a deaf ear as hundred of thousands of Congolese are being invaded, killed, raped, displaced, and their children forced into slavery, to work in mines to refine coltan from cobalt, which is then exported to western counties to make smartphones and other electronic devices.
I saw some heartbreaking videos of kids mining with little or no tools, some were forced to dig with their little hands, while a black man – who appears to be the slave master, flogs kids who showed tiredness.
That video is very disturbing.
I also saw videos of random shootings into settlements where harmless and unarmed people live or farm.
The attackers were shooting to kill, it looked like a war zone.
There was one video I saw where a father- or maybe he is just a random male adult, but he was trying to protect two kids by shielding them with his body during one of the shooting sprees.
The poor kids are not up to 4 years old.
Many kids over there have been rendered orphans because of this crisis.
Search the hashtag CongoIsBleeding or #FreeCongo on Twitter to see for yourselves.
Also in Cameroon, many have been killed since October 2016, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced because of the economic and political marginalization of Cameroon’s Anglophone minority.
I don’t know if you already know that about 20% of Cameroon is Anglophone (English speaking), while the rest is Francophone (French-speaking).
So the Anglophone part has been suffering different forms of marginalization and oppression, they started fighting back by demanding to be treated better, unfortunately, it has led to the crisis the country has been in for 4 years.
On the 24th of October 2020, armed men on motorbikes who are believed to belong to a secessionist group invaded a school named Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in the city of Kumba, southwest of Cameroon, and killed 8 school children in cold blood, in the presence of their schoolmates.
The armed men also wounded several other children in the school.
During the attack, some of the school children also got injured while trying to jump from a two-storey building window to save themselves.
Poor kids, my God!
I read an article saying that over the past 4 years, about 800 thousand Anglophone school children are out of school because of this crisis, while over 900 thousand people from the Anglophone region are currently displaced, and that over 60 thousand of them are refugees in Nigeria and other nearby countries.
Remember Cameroon’s president is 87, and the oldest African president.
I just felt like mentioning that.
Let’s also not forget that Namibian women are currently protesting against the incessant gender-based violence they have been facing.
I read somewhere that up to 1000 cases of rape and domestic violence are recorded daily across Namibia.
Yes, 1000 daily, you read that right.
Lord have mercy!
Oh, did I mention that Liberians are also currently protesting against many of their political officers and ‘men of god’ who have made it a habit to assault, rape and sodomize Liberian citizens?
Indeed this is a trying time for Africans, especially those living in Africa.
Our motherland Africa is bleeding guys.
Written by Mmiliaku Genevieve

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