#BuhariIsaMurderer: Nigerians accuse military of murdering 20 peaceful protesters at Lekki

LAGOS, Nigeria – On the night of 20.10.20, a terrifying thing happened in Nigeria.

In an effort to retake a toll both that has become a scene of protest march by the End SARS protestors, the government unleashed their military on the peaceful protesters.

The presence of the military at the Lekki toll both turned the scene of the protests into a near war zone.

The soldiers fired on the protestors and now eye witnesses claim to have seen at least 20 dead bodies on the streets after the attack.

Another accusation from protesters also claimed that the military were taking away dead bodies so that people will not have evidence against them.

Now, Nigerians are calling Muhammadu Buhari, a murderer for unleashing the soldiers on peaceful protesters.

Last night was a dark night in Nigeria.

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