Police fired rubber bullets at striking e-hailing divers

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa  – Police have fired rubber bullets at striking e-hailing divers along William Nicol Drive.

Drivers have been demanding that the industry be regulated, saying they had been exploited for far too long by some companies.

Striking e-hailing drivers were slowly making their way back to Zoo Lake when they clashed with police who opened fire with rubber bullets.

One driver sustained an injury to the head: “As I was driving, the police came and stopped in front of me. He then came next to my window and shot me in the head.”

Another driver’s car was also shot at: “I was shot along the convoy, I just heard bullets hit the back window of my car.”

FILE: Johannesburg Uber and Bolt drivers took part in a protest on 19 February 2020 over safety issues. Picture: EWN.


Striking drivers said they were going back to the drawing board, claiming that Bolt had refused to listen to their demands.

The group stormed the company’s offices in Bryanston on Monday and blocked its main entrance, calling on management to hear them out.

They suspended operations for the day to submit a memorandum demanding the industry be regulated.

The drivers also said they had been exploited for far too long.

The drivers removed their cars after police reinforcements arrived.

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