PFA leader wants to change the political landscape in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA – A well known political bigwig, Johny Maseko has put a new cap in his head. This time, Maseko is wearing a cap of the Patriotic Front of Azania (PFA). He’s very confident that all political parties in the parliament are not doing adequately for the residents.

Maseko accuses all opposition parties in the parliament for vocalizing the same song of removing the ruling African National Congress (ANC) rather than making sure that they come up with the policy that will benefit the residents of South Africa. He says the reason, is because they all want the downfall of the ANC rather than making South Africa better.

According to the PFA leader, all opposition parties have no good intentions except for the desire to secure sits in parliament and loot treasury while putting service delivery on the background.

He expressed confident his party will change the political landscape in the coming national elections in 2024.

He urges all South African citizens to vote for his party as he believes that it is the only way to bring change they yawn for.

“I stood up for a long time and realize that all leaders of the political parties including the ANC itself are not there for fulfilling their promises to the residents. They are just there for self-serving and enrich themselves to the detriment of the poor residents,”.

He adds that his party wants to see all South African citizens participate in the mainstream economy. “We’re going to buy the shares for the citizens in every mine venture. They should get a 40% share as from 2024 when we take over in the leadership of this country, ” he says.

He pointed out his party readiness to improve country’s economy since no one in current administration doing anything to that effect. He believes that stopping the exportation of raw material such as gold, platinum, manganese, and copper among others will be a solution to thriving the economy of this country.

He further indicated that the principle of education is very low compare to other countries, which is one of the main concerns of PFA.

He further pledged to change the method of police training as he understands that the country has a lot of crime due to the fact that police officials are not receiving proper training. “We don’t want to see the police officer who is incapable to run after five years due to obesity. Many police officers are making an arrest on the wheelchairs these days because their bodies are no longer enabling them to run or walk, ” he adds.

He says the country is ranking three in the world in terms of crime, according to the statistics. We are behind Venezuela and Guinea-Bissau, hence  the killings and raping of the woman and children in South Africa on the increase. “We’re going to provide the security for our communities in the country,” says Maseko.

Among other things he pledged to work on after 2024, is to reduce unemployment, particularly to the youth. His idea will be to authorize the employees to resign at the age of 55 as by so doing, a lot of graduates will have an opportunity to fill the vacancies.

He concluded that water and sanitation will also be his preference after taking over the country leadership. He thanked South Africans for welcoming him in the numerous provinces he toured as part of his arrangements with them.

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