Somalia’s Abdullahi Mohamed appoints new prime minister

SOMALIA – On Thursday night, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, aka Farmaajo, announced Mohamed Hussein Roble as the country’s new prime minister, Villa Somalia announced on Twitter, Farmaajo’s official account regarding his presidency.

“Immediately form a capable government that will lead the country to elections and make significant efforts to consolidate security gains, rebuild the armed forces, develop infrastructure, expand basic services,” Farmaajo said in a statement about Roble’s tasks as Somalia’s new prime minister, the BBC reports.

The previous prime minister, Hassan Khaire, was unexpectedly ousted by members of parliament on July 25, when 170 out of 178 MPs voted in favour of a no-confidence motion against him, The East African reported at the time.

“After learning that the government had failed in its promise to prepare a clear plan that paves the way for one-person, one-vote elections in 2021 … parliament undertook a vote of no-confidence against the government and its prime minister, Hassan Ali Khaire,” Mohamed Mursal, speaker of parliament, said according to The Guardian UK.

The appointment of Roble came hours after the one-person, one-vote 2021 elections were decided against by the country’s regional leaders and president, due to the time frame it requires, according to Al Jazeera.

The country’s parliament is to be dissolved in November and the current president’s term ends in February 2021.

As a result, Somalia’s would-be historic and first fully democratic elections since 1969 will instead be comprised of delegates from Somalia’s clans voting for 275 MPs, who will then vote for a new president.

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