Lagos LG suspends gas station, gives conditions for operation in community

LAGOS, Nigeria – Oshodi-Isolo Local Government (LG) has ordered a gas station located at Oluyeye Dosumu community to stop its operation until it obtains all the necessary documents from the government and other concerned agencies.

The suspension of the gas station’s operation was ordered based on the ‘save our soul’ letter submitted by the Community Development Association (CDA) to the local government on the impending danger that could emanate from its operation in the community.

At a discussion between the local government, the community and the management of the business outlet, the local government chairman, Hon. Bolaji Muse-Ariyoh, who was represented by the Secretary to the local government (SLG), Hon. Taoheed Abiola said his government is committed to the security of lives and properties in the local government area and would not compromise anything that could affect the safety of the people.

The CDA chairman, Elder Adeboye emphasized that the lives of the residents would be in danger if proper safety measures were not put in place.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the gas station, Mr. Kazeem Shittu appealed to the community for understanding as he explained his efforts in getting insurance for buildings beside his gas station, informing that the process of getting certification from relevant agencies was ongoing.

He added that he had purchased a machine that would automatically detect any gas leakage which could cause havoc.

He claimed that he was conscious of people’s safety in the community, saying he would ensure his workers comply with the best of safety regulations.

After much deliberations and contributions from the three parties, the local government ordered that as a matter of urgency, the gas station should stop all activities including sales of gas or otherwise until all papers of approval were ready and obtained from all the relevant agencies to confirm compliance with standard regulations.

It was unanimously agreed that the gas station should submit copies of certifications from the DPR, safety commission, LASEPA and Lagos State government to the office of the secretary to the local government.

The local government authority also asked the gas station to expedite action to ensure that the buildings next to it by left, right and back are properly insured, charging it to work more with the community and sensitise the residents on precautionary steps to avert disaster.

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