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Risikat Abdullazee and her girls: 6 photos that tell a story of a rare African beauty

blue eyes

NIGERIA – In as much as beauty is relative, there are some conventions that come with it.

Most Africans have beautiful brown and black eyes.

They come in their different beautiful shades and sizes.

However, even among the lot, there are those who go against the norm and have something different from anyone else.

That is the 30-year-old Risikat Abdullazeez, a Nigerian woman with a very different eye colour.

She has blue eyes and she also passed it on to her two beautiful daughters.

There was an initial claim that her husband left her and their daughters because of the color of her eyes, however, it has also been reported that that was not the case.

However, Nigerians have already fallen in love with Risikat and her girls.

They have had photoshoots and we just love this unconventional African beauty they exude.

The eyes that behold beauty.

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