JUST IN: Gov. Ganduje lifts lockdown in Kano State, declares all days free


KANO, Nigeria – The State Government has lifted the lockdown imposed in the state,
Governor Ganduje said this does not mean passengers on Tricycles are allowed to carry more than two passengers and motorcyclists, more than one person as any violation of existing COVID-19 laws attracts jail terms.

Also Civil Servants from 12 levels and above have been asked to resume immediately, but also to maintain safety regulations.

Governor Ganduje who relied his points on the fact that the State on June 25 2020 the state submitted 154 and non was found positive, on 27 June 492 samples were submitted and only 4 were tested positives, and 28 June 320 samples were submitted and only 5 were tested positives.

Similarly, the Governor said until July 1 2020 out of 1,428 samples submitted only 41 were tested positives.

The Governor Ganduje said, “with these we can beat our chest and said we are winning the case and there is no need for lockdown”.

The government also opens all Markets for all days to operate fully while schools as according to the Federal Government they should remains closed.

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