Woman cures isolation boredom by transforming herself into celebs


ENGLAND – This mom of one has transformed herself into characters from her favourite chick flicks.

Nickayla Hiler, from Norfolk, England, spends two to five hours “doodling” on her face to create the impressive looks using makeup.

The 27-year-old has used contour kits and eye shadow pallets to transform into the Mona Lisa, pop star Lady Gaga and actress Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.

“I have always been artistic so I’m using my extra time during lockdown to perfect my skills,” Nickayla says.

“I really enjoy creating these looks. The Lady Gaga one took four-and-a-half hours whereas Mona Lisa only took two.

“I find it interesting that I’m able to transform my features with makeup and wanted to expand it in a more creative way.

“It’s almost like painting a portrait on your own face.”

Nickayla says the feedback from social media followers has often been mixed.

“I usually get very hot or cold feedback – people either love my transformations or are extremely uncomfortable with them, but that’s what I love about it.

“Most of the time people say I’m talented and are impressed with my skills, which is always good to hear.”

The young woman said she often uses the popular app TikTok to show off her looks – and has more than 31 000 followers.

“I use a lot of contour kits – it’s all about using various tones and creating shadows to make them look more authentic on the skin.

“I usually take some photos and video myself for TikTok before wiping off the makeup,” she said.

“It’s fun to see the looks come together. I’m inspired by my favourite films such as Mean Girls and Tomb Raider.”

Nickayla also enjoys creating illusions with makeup but says celebrity transformations are her favourite.

See the images below.

Blake Lively

Lindsay Lohan

Angelina Jolie

Lady Gaga

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