Top officials absent as Gov. Zulum pays surprise visit to 6 LG councils

BORNO, Nigeria – Governor Babagana Zulum has vowed to take punitive measures against errant council officials who were absent from duty during a government monitoring exercise.


Several senior officials of six Local Government Areas were reportedly not on seat during a surprise visit by the Governor.

The LGs are Chibok, Konduga, Bama, Askira/Uba, Damboa and Gwoza.

According to Isa Gusau, the governor’s spokesperson, Zulum got to Gwoza and saw that the newly constructed council secretariat was locked.

In a statement on Friday, Isa informed that Zulum had gone round to monitor projects and the quality of governance at the grassroots.

Top personnel missing included secretaries, heads of department and directors.

Zulum said: “None of the heads of departments was around, neither the Secretary nor the other principal officers reported for duty. Look at the Secretariat; termites all over, an indication that nobody is operating in the Secretariat. The government cannot allow this situation to continue.

“We came from Maiduguri to determine the presence of senior public servants at their places of work. We have been pleading with them for quite some time, to be operating from these local government areas so that citizens will feel the impact of governance at the grassroots but from all indication, many are not listening.”

The governor vowed to take punitive measures “because we cannot allow this system to continue”.

However, Zulum met with the traditional rulers of Bama, Askira, Gwoza and Uba in their respective palaces.

He appealed to them to sustain the tempo of ensuring that their subjects continue to live in peace and harmony.

At Bama, Zulum announced that any house in Bama not occupied in two weeks would be temporarily allocated to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

The governor added that the IDPs would live there pending when the owners were ready to return to their homes.

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