COVID-19: Trump admits reopening US for business will cost more lives

UNITED STATES – US President, Donald Trump, has finally admitted that more Americans would die if the country is reopened for business purposes.


Trump has also agreed that those likely to be affected are people who would fail to adhere to the mask-wearing directives.

OgeneAfrican had reported that the US President unveiled plans to reopen the country’s economy, stating that the country had passed the peak of the Coronavirus crisis despite the rise in the country’s death toll.

However, Trump during a press briefing maintained that the country would eventually have to be reopened though some people might be badly affected.

According to him, “it’s possible there will be some deaths.

“Because you won’t be locked into an apartment or a house or whatever it is forever.

“Yes, some people will be affected badly.

“But we have to get our country open.”

Recall that the US on Sunday recorded a total of 25,502 new coronavirus cases with 1,313 deaths.

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