How pregnant women can protect themselves against the coronavirus outbreak

AFRICA – While the confirmation is causing anxiety among many in Africans, the medical community is on high alert in the wake of the first case.


Although it remains uncertain whether or not unborn babies are susceptible to being infected with the virus, as it stands the most exposed groups include people with underlying diseases and the elderly – particular men.

Due to immunosuppression, pregnant women do have a higher chance of contracting respiratory or deadly pneumonia infections – which are among the core symptoms of the deadly virus.

But what protective measures can pregnant women take not only to protect themselves but also their unborn babies? We’ve compiled a list of five precautionary steps pregnant women can take.

It was reveals that pregnant women should take the same precautions as everyone else.

But in the event that they start to experience any influenza-like symptoms, they need to immediately seek medical attention.

The five precautionary measures are:

·       Washing your hands thoroughly and often

·       Disinfecting surfaces, devices and common areas

·       Avoid being in crowded spaces and avoid sick people

·       Avoid touching your face to spread the germs

·       Consult your obstetrician ASAP if you feel any flu-like symptoms

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