I have been flying for 30 years, says ‘witch’ who got trapped on house’s rooftop

ENUGU, Nigeria – Suspected witches getting trapped in people’s backyard or ‘frontyard’ seems to be on the increase in Nigeria with the recent case of one who reportedly got trapped on a rooftop.


According to reports, the witch got trapped on top of a building in Umunu area of Enugu State. She was said to have confessed that she has been flying for thirty years.

The witch, identified herself as Nkechi, was allegedly stranded on the roof of a house belonging to one Ugwu Erua.

According to Voice of Nasarawa, residents of the area used a ladder to bring her down from the roof.

It was gathered that she did not want to speak when interrogated her until the mob threatened to kill her.

Nkechi, however, begged that her life should be spared.

She confessed to being a witch, and that she was on a mission, but got trapped on the roof of the building because of a higher power.

“Please don’t kill me. I am a witch going to somewhere else but I got trapped here. There must be a great power here because I have been flying for thirty years now but never been caught one day,” she was quoted to have confessed.

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