Beckham confirms he wants to buy Messi, Ronaldo for Inter Miami

ENGLAND – David Beckham’s appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night did little to stop the rumours of Inter Miami CF pursuing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


The co-owner and president of Miami’s new MLS team did little to stymie talk of two of the best players in the sport bolting to the United States, not exactly sounding like the club wasn’t trying to make it happen.

“We’ve got great opportunities down in Miami,” Beckham told Fallon.

“We’ve been contacted by a lot of different players with possibly coming to join the team. As any owner, you really want the best players. And if we have the opportunity to bring in players like Cristiano or Leo Messi, I’ve got such admiration for them as athletes. If we can bring those players in, then great.”

The former English soccer star went on to provide more than a vote of confidence for the roster as is, which makes sense given the team opens the season March 1 in Los Angeles.

Minnesota United head coach Adrian Heath told Steve Bates of the Mirror he believed Beckham could land the two global stars, with both potentially following Beckham’s path in finishing their careers in the U.S.

That may be the case, but Beckham wasn’t willing to announce anything of the sort Wednesday. Still, he notably didn’t put it out of reach.

“As an owner, if you want to bring these players in, then we have a great opportunity.” Beckham concluded with a smile.

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