Actress Adebimpe Oyebade: People send me direct messages cursing, harassing me

NIGERIA – Model and actress, Adebimpe Oyebade, better known as Mobimpe, has described celebrities as the most ridiculed on social media.


The Agbede Meji actress noted that she had been harassed and ridiculed for some of the posts on her Instagram page.

“I think entertainers are the most ridiculed people. Because one is in the public space, some people say disrespectful things to one.

“People come at me constantly on my Instagram page. They also send me direct messages cursing and harassing me. They believe that since one is a celebrity, one can’t fight dirty on social media.

“If one does what others can get away with, one would be misquoted, judged or misunderstood. I always tell people not to judge me by my social media posts because I’m only doing my job; it’s not who I am.

“Although it’s quite sad, it’s something one must get used to. It’s not likely to change. I’m human and some times, these hateful comments get to me. But someone’s opinion about me does not define who I am at the end of the day.

The actress, whose journey into the big screen began some three years ago, said she is not scared of being broke as she was not under any obligation to keep a certain standard as a celebrity.

“There is no privacy at all. As a public figure, one can’t do anything that one likes. One can’t just post anything or dress anyhow. One can’t say some things and one cannot live a normal life anymore. It’s a price to pay for being out there.

“The truth is that we all pray to move forward and go high. We all want to keep progressing. But I don’t fear being broke because I’m a positive person and my faith is so strong. I have never thought that someday, I might be backward. I always believe that I’ll keep moving forward at every point in time.”

Speaking about the constant pressure to keep a high standard, the actress said

“I’m a private person. People don’t know much about me though they are always scrutinising my life. However, I’m not bothered about all that. One should take things easy because one is a normal human being. There is no reason one can’t shop where one wants to or better still send someone. Handling pressure is very important but if one doesn’t want to go astray, one must learn to handle the pressure that comes with one’s career.”

The actress also noted that though celebrities interact with their fans, one must be careful when going into a love relationship with any of them.

“I have never been attracted to any male fan but one never can tell what may happen in the future. The only people celebrities mingle with are their fans because they always reach out to one. Because these fans are many, if you want to date one of them, you have to be careful.”

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