Cops deny standing by while Nigerian killed relative with brick in South Africa

KEMPTON PARK, South Africa – Gauteng police have vociferously denied allegations that they failed to prevent and put a stop to the fight that cost the life of a Nigerian man in Ekurhuleni this week.


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Recall the incident that unfolded on Monday evening at the corner of Long and Casuarina streets in Kempton Park.

In a viral video circulating on Twitter, two men can be seen pushing and punching each other while onlookers and police officers halfheartedly attempt to separate them.

At one point, onlookers manage to restrain the suspect while police move the victim away.

The footage shows that the suspect however, breaks free and goes after the victim hitting him with a brick.

Chaos ensues after the victim falls to the ground unconscious, with the onlookers attacking the suspect before restraining him, while officers appear to look on helplessly.

It remains unclear when police finally intervened and arrested the suspect, but police spokesperson Capt Kay Makhubele said that he was “immediately” arrested and initially charged with attempted murder.

“The victim was taken to Arwyp hospital for medical treatment. On Tuesday we received information that the victim passed on … the charge of attempted murder is now changed to murder.”

Makhubele denied that the police had failed to intervene, insisting that officers had tried to separate the men.

“The investigation will unfold and we’ll get to the bottom of what actually transpired in that incident. But the police were not standing [by].”

Makhubele was unable to provide details on what sparked the fight, only saying that this would be revealed during the investigation.

The suspect will appear in the Kempton Park magistrate’s court.

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