Wife baths husband with hot oil after spotting SMS from ‘side chic’ on his phone

IMO, Nigeria – Barely 24 hours after a woman was arrested in Owerri, the Imo State capital for allegedly attempting to stab her husband to death in his sleep over suspicion he is engaging in extramarital affairs, another woman in the same city has reportedly bath her husband with hot oil over the same accusation.


According to a Facebook user Chinonso Chibuogwu who shared the first story, the woman, a mother of four children took the heinous action after spotting a text message on her husband’s phone believed to have been sent by a side chic.

Chibuogwu who claimed to be a friend of the husband identified as Michael Amajuoyi said he received a distress call around 1 am from the man writhing in pains asking him to quickly come over.

Chibuogwu said the husband had returned home late at night and went into the bathroom to take a bath before his wife who had been suspecting him of infidelity saw the message on his phone which drove her to the act.

He further revealed that the alleged message had come from a suspected lady who wrote: “thanks dear for the new phone it was really my dream phone for a long time. Good night and take care.”

Without wasting time, the wife who is a mother of four went into the kitchen, boiled oil and poured it on her husband.

Chinonso Chibuogwu wrote:

“I thought it was a joke as I received a call from my friend Michael amajuoyi who leaves at Nnaze here in owerri. As he was crying shouting I’m dead oh I’m dead oh I ask him what happened the only I heard was come oh please he end the call.

“I have to drive out that night 1:30 am to his house on getting there I don’t have time to ask what happened I first of all put him in the car we move down to chibuzo hospital where the place him on emergency ward.

It was later I asked his wife with 4 kids what happened she said she has been suspecting her husband for a long time so last night he came home from business and went to bathroom to bathe so she took his phone to play game on the process here comes a message that says ‘thanks dear for the new phone it was really my dream phone for a long time. Good night and take care’.

So the woman drop the phone without asking the husband as he came out from bathroom. It was late midnight she slick to the kitchen and boiled hot oil and pour it on his back. Now my friend is telling me that after surviving this he has to file for a divorce. So he needs your advices.”

He also shared graphic image from the incident

See photos: Graphic photos

husband with hot oil
husband with hot oil
husband with hot oil

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