Insecurity: Nigerians will not allow Buhari to resign – Adamu

BORNO, Nigeria – APC Chieftain in Borno State, Alhaji Yusuf Adamu has dismissed the call by Senator Enynnaya Abaribe, asking President Muhammadu Buhari to resign over the insecurity situation in the country with the wave of the hand, saying that the senator is not a man Nigerians should take seriously owing to his stake in the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed IPOB.


According to Daily Post, Adamu said that the Senator knows little about happenings across the country and as such, he should not be taken seriously, particularly knowing his pedigree.

” If a serious person is speaking, we would ask questions and seek to know from where such person is coming from. But when you already know the direction from which such person is coming from, is there any thing to ask again?” he demanded.

According to Adamu, Senator Abaribe is an opportunist, who wants to get people’s attention. ” Such people are moving with the wind. His types are political marketers who trade on issues for their pockets and never for the development of a state or nation.

“At this time, when we are calling on Nigerians to stand in prayers and support the administration in their effort to defeat the insurgents, people like the senator who should mobilise support for positive growth are looking for ways to further plunge the country into crisis.

” The last time I heard of this Abaribe man was during the trial of the IPOB leader. What happened then and why is he still moving freely? The man is supposed to be behind bars and not in the red chamber with people of right conscience.

“How many times has he come to the northeast or supported the calls for the liberation of the northeast from the marauders, who have been burning down towns and villages and killing innocent souls for whatever reasons.

” What has he been saying in support for the Nigerian military? I cannot remember seeing or hearing about him joining other of his colleagues to come to Borno or Adamawa and Yobe to pay condolences and encourage the people in this awful time.

” The resurgents have forced thousands of people out of their ancestral home in the northeast region. The military is doing everything necessary to restore dignity and law in this part of the country, and in other parts of the country where bandits and kidnapping have taken the day, the military is doing its best and the Buhari administration is putting in everything to ensure that Nigerians live without fear.

“With all this, how has he sponsored or supported a motion in this regard? somebody who is living in the comfort of his house or hotel with his family probably living outside the country is planning to cause more trouble on the ones we already are battling to find a solution to and some others are listening to him. I don’t know what to call them.

” If Senator Abaribe is not ready to be a solution, he should shut up and not be a problem. Nigerians love their President and even if the President decides on his own to reign, I believe many Nigerians will resist him doing so. I think Senator Abaribe should begin to study the Nigerian people well before making such unguarded comment,” Adamu said.

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