Jason Derulo gets offered over $500K for deleted IG post of his ‘Big D’

Instagram recently removed a photo of Jason Derulo in underwear, coming out of a steamy pool in Bali. Read here


IG says the singer violated the platform’s guidelines by showing off “aroused genitalia” which is why it got deleted.

The now famous photo (right) and IG’s reason for removal (left) image

However, it looks like Jason Derulo’s penis is worth 6-figures to a site pushing adult content, and it says he’s welcome to post pics of his junk … without the discrimination he says he’s getting from the ‘gram.

CamSoda the adult content site is making an offer they hope Jason can’t refuse … up to $500,000 just to share thirst traps of his anaconda over the next 6 months, and he does NOT have to pose nude to get the dough.

Sounds like it could be the easiest money Jason’s ever made. CamSoda says it will create his own page where he can share pics, videos and live streams in his underwear. Although, we’re sure they’d be thrilled if he opted to show his, umm … blessings in the buff.

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