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How 40yr old farmer allegedly raped 12yr old niece in Kaduna

KADUNA, Nigeria – A Magistrates’ Court sitting in Kaduna on Thursday ordered the remand of a farmer, Musa Safiyanu, 40, in a Correctional Facility Centre for allegedly raping his 12-year old niece.


NAN reports that the Magistrate, Mr Umar Ibrahim, who did not take the plea of the defendant, ordered that the case file be sent to the Director of Public prosecutions (DPP) for advice.
Ibrahim then adjourned the case until Dec. 20 for mention.

The defendant, who resides at Ungwan Sarki, Kaduna, is facing a two-count charge of rape and incest.

Earlier, the prosecutor, Insp. Chidi Leo, told the court that Mohammed Yusuf of Kwari Village Ikara LGA of Kaduna State, a brother to the defendant reported the case at Ikara Police Station on Nov. 15.

Leo said that the defendant lured the girl into his house and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

The prosecutor alleged that during investigation, the defendant confessed to the offences.

He said the offences contravened Sections 258 and 370 of the Kaduna State Criminal Law, 2017.


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