Man says he hates his kids and resents his wife for having them

A man has stirred up the internet with a heartbreaking confession about how he feels about his children.


A post shared on Reddit a few months ago has resurfaced and gone viral, with internet users re-posting it everywhere. 

In the post, the man a father to three children says he regrets having children, that he ‘hates them’, and resents his wife for pressuring him into having children. 

The Reddit user said he derives no pleasure from his offspring’s giggles or milestones. He says he has attempted suicide because of this and wishes he could just leave. 

Other users of the site shared their opinions about the matter, urging the man to divorce and leave his family. Although the anonymous user says he shows the children love, it is quite difficult to believe.

Read below and let us know what your thoughts are:-  

Man hats kids and resents wife

Some comments left below:-

Lianca Graham: –  Yes he is sick but then he should rather leave because one day that hate and sickness might get to much and then boom “murdered family”? He should be in an assylum before he hurts those poor kids.

Relebohile Fenyane:- Coward

Chanel Swartz:-  As a mother who has lost a baby this is terrible
I understand that this man feels trapped but it will be better to leave then to wish you kids dead
I will give anything to have my baby boy back and he can’t see how blessed he is
I feel so sorry for this guy
Children is a gift from God not something you can wish away when. It does not fit in with your plans.

Kaybee Auntiza Mojela: –  It’s a psychological condition that if not attended to can lead to suicide or murder. He needs serious help…fast

Almerie Kirsten Smith:-  The desperation in this letter breaks my heart. He wants to do the right thing, he tried communicating this to his wife before they had kids, but she selfishly pushed him into something he did not want, and he did this for her, because he was obviously terrified of losing her. I wish that he made the harder decision before bringing three innocent lives into the world. I wish he had the courage to leave then. There’s unfortunately nothing black and white about this scenario, and you can hear him calling out for help, he obviously hates feeling like this.

Debbie Vd Poll Deetlefs:-  I suggest you leave you
CANNOT be good for them at all surely they feel your dislike ? Please leave for your kids sake and yourself and your wife you doing an injustice to everyone if you stay and leaving might prevent a tragedy from happening ……. just my thoughts ….. I feel for each and everyone of you hope things work out for you all.

Charles Olivier:- He is a danger to his wife and kids… to publicly say what he did is an outcry… Please let those close to him get him help immediately or another murder suicide is going to take place. They are in danger…!!!

Manuel Wills:-  No one have kids by mistake. He should have pulled out or indulged in the use of condoms. Stop whining and own up to your responsibilities. Too late for that now!

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