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Brazen smash-and-grab during peak hour traffic [VIDEO]

KWAZULU NATAL, South Africa – A daring thief casually ran off with a bag stolen from the front seat of a vehicle travelling on a Durban highway.


In a video making its rounds on social media, a man who had been waiting in the bushes for the unsuspecting victim is seen casually jogging up to a vehicle, smashing the passenger window and running off with a bag.

The incident, which occurred on the King Cetshwayo Highway (formerly Jan Smuts Highway) offramp onto the N2, was over within seconds. 

The victim did not stop. The man is seen running back into the bushes.

Combined Community Watch manager Domenic King said the man may have had accomplices. 

“He knew there was a bag in that car. Someone must have tipped him off. Maybe someone at the robots before the offramp [saw] the bag and informed the man that there was an easy target approaching him.”

King warned motorists to hide their valuable belongings as smash-and-grabs were common, especially during peak traffic. 

“If your windows are not tinted, keep your bag in the boot,” he said.  

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