EPL: Liverpool goalkeeper, Alisson reveals club that deserves to win title

ENGLAND – Liverpool goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, has said that they deserve to win the Premier League this season.


The Reds are yet to lose a league game this season and are eight points clear at the top of the table.

Having already achieved Champions League success in 2019, Alisson believes it is now time for the club to win the Premier League title.

Speaking to Neil Mellor on Soccer Saturday, the Brazil international said: “My aims are to win everything we play for. Every time we go on the pitch to play a cup game, a league game or a Champions League games, we will give everything to win.

“The desire of the people is important for us and we have the same desire to win the Premier League this season. It’s something we try with our full heart to win because the people deserve it, the club deserve it and we deserve it also because of what we did last season and what we have done this season so far.

“But we need to keep going, keep playing to win every game and keep improving, that’s an important thing, but we will try to win all the tournaments we play.

“I think we are playing the way that is necessary to win,” he added. “I think we can improve and this is a good sign because we are winning and we are not playing our best. We are playing as best as we can but some things we know we can do better, like the clean sheets.

“In the defensive way, sometimes with the ball we can prepare better for the situations, but our mentality is our strong point and we are winning the games because of our strong mentality.

“For us, it’s a matter of keeping the high level for 90+ minutes. Sometimes in the game, in two or three moments, we just relax. Sometimes it’s the quality of the opponent and you need to accept that, but we are working hard for the clean sheets.

“It’s a goal that we have on the pitch but the most important thing is the three points and we are getting them. If we go now until the end winning and conceding, I’ll be happy. I’m not too concerned with the Golden Glove, when I won it, I already said the most important thing is the main goal, the wins.

“When we concede silly goals, part of me is angry because sometimes you know you can do better, not just the team, I’m speaking for myself also. You are a little bit angry with that but we are doing well in the general perspective.”

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