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Woman was shot in the face by her ex-boyfriend during botched robbery

BRAZIL – A 23-year-old woman was shot in the face allegedly by her ex-boyfriend in a fake armed robbery.


Renata Ranyelle Almeida, a store clerk from São Miguel in Brazil, was at work when a masked man entered the store and forced the three female employees to the back area near the cash register.

A surveillance camera inside the clothing store showed how terrified Renata was when the suspect approached her with a firearm and demanded cash.

The young woman calmly follows instructions as she places the cash bin on top of the counter. But despite her cooperation the gunman shot her in the face.

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Instead of leaving the store with the money the man unloads his gun, runs out and gets on a motorcycle before fleeing the scene. He remains on the run.

Renata was rushed to a local hospital and remains in a serious condition.

Her family told police they believe her ex-boyfriend was behind the attack.

“As seen in the security camera recordings, the young woman doesn’t react in any way, and yet the criminal still shoots her,” police delegate Cristiano Gouveia says.

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