“I hate my big boobs” men always trying to take advantage it’s sickening

NIGERIA – A lady took to her page to disclose how much she hates being busty. She went on to narrate how her mum, neighbours and school mates shamed her for growing breasts early.

She recalled how men were already trying to take advantage of her from the age of 9 it’s sickening, by buying me things just because she began growing breasts earlier than her peers.

She claimed that when her mother noticed her breasts for the first time, she created a scene, saying that her daughter has “spoil” and she called neighbours to come and see for themselves.

She added that classmates also bullied and shamed her for her big breasts.

She wrote:

Growing up I hated my big boobs
It’s was not this funny o. Growing up I hate my boobs, I used to cry every night, lord why me? Why do I have boobs at the tender age of 9 wen my mate were all flat chested? Why ? Why?

Now everyone thinks I have “spoil”. I recall meeting my best friend begging her to tie wrapper very tight on my chest so they can go back…true story. The reason I hate my boobs was my mother, surprised? Don’t be, I’ll get there. At the tender age of 9 I’d know that my school teachers, lesson teacher and random guys were toasting me i didn’t understand why grown men were always buying my biscuits, sweet or ice cream.

I didn’t but I do now ?. Okay back to the gist, one day I got into trouble as usual in my mother’s way of scolding me she usually takes off my clothes to whip me with cane or kobobo, as she proceeds to raise up my clothes my big round breast face her, she screamed OMG ? this girl don spoil oo, neighbors come oo.

Neighbor came both male and female. See her chest as she small reach she don dey grow breast my mum said. My breast was there for everyone to see, judge, poke at. I just stood there wishing the ground could swallow me, wat is my offense, Did I give myself breast?

I thought to myself. Na men dey drawn the breast a neighbor chip in. I couldn’t shower outside anymore like all my mates did, I’d queue like the grown up to use the bathroom. Oh!, and my class mate in primary school didn’t make life easy for me either, lol.

I was picked on called bad girl just because I was the only one in my class with breast. I remember one day I had a sleep over in my class mate house we went in to shower I refused to take off my singlet, take it off she yelled, I said naa I’m good I’ll shower like this, she was adamant proceeded to pull my singlet up and viola breast in her face, I saw the shock, the disbelief, and disgust on her face.

At the age of sixteen they were already like big size paw paw, very big round and sitting proudly on my chest. When my mate were all rocking tank tops i was forbidden ? to ever wear tank top, why? I don’t know.Lately I’ve been thinking of going for breast reduction?

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