Pastor running around church: “This is foolishness and madness” [VIDEO]

AFRICA – A video of a very energetic pastor has been shared on social media. In the footage, the man can be seen running and screaming inside the church building. Social media users had mixed reactions, some were amused while others were saddened.


The clip was shared on Twitter by the AdvBarryRoux parody account. It received over 25 000 views. Many pf the reactions were divided. Some found the pastor funny while others were saddened by the state of the church today.

Twitter user comments:-

bonganishiluvan said: “Very entertaining I’d attend his church just to LMAO every Sunday”

Simply_Natt said: “I must learn these moves & open a Church”

Glanoceans said: “This guy was a party animal you can tell”

BakakaFrederic said: “Plain truth: All these pastors are taking advantage of congregants because people don’t study the Bible in their own space. If only they do so ,they’ll be able to spot out misleading facts & these fake churches will be empty. Unfortunately some bazalwane open their Bible only on Sundays!”

SakariaTaapopi5 said: “That just foolishness and madness. These need psychiatric evaluation. It is madness. They are stealing from the poor in day light”


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