Woman stuck in bath for eight days without food

ENGLAND – An elderly woman was rescued by police after being stuck in her bath with no food for eight days.


The 70-year-old woman from Loughborough in England, could access tap water but was unable to get any food for more than a week because she couldn’t climb out of the bathtub.

Authorities were called to the unnamed woman’s property after concerns were raised about her welfare.

A food delivery driver had alerted police when he was unable to get hold of her on the phone to deliver her regular meals.

“She’s a regular customer who orders through us every week and when she didn’t contact us on her regular day, we knew something was wrong,” said Len Bateman, from Wiltshire Farm Foods.

“I might not have acted so quickly if I knew she had friends or family, and when she didn’t answer the door I knew I needed to get help,” he added.

“It must’ve been very hard for her. I don’t know how much longer she might have lasted there.”

Officers managed to get the woman out of the bath and paramedics were called to carry out a medical assessment.

The woman is now recovering in hospital.

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