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Mlungu messed up my balls!

Pheello Godola (33)

VAAL, South Africa -A South African man who pees on himself due to injury he sustained now wears nappies.


As if that’s not enough, he’s worried he might never have kids.“I’m in pain and can’t use my dick I don’t know if I’ll ever have a family.”

Pheello Godola (33) from Boipatong in the Vaal, wants the man who attacked him to pay. I was attacked for trespassing.

“I work on a farm, and that day my friend Bongani Pali and I decided to buy something to drink, so we took a short cut through the farmer’s land as the shop is far,” said Pheello.

According to Pheello, the man came out of nowhere and discharhed his gun.

“We stopped. We were afraid to get hit by bullets. He came closer and asked why we were trespassing.

“We apologised and told him we only wanted to take a short cut to the shop.

“I thought he’d forgiven us when he reversed his car. But he charged toward us. Bongani jumped but I couldn’t. I was hit.”

Pheello claimed the man then drove over his leg and penis.

“Bongani carried me to the nearest shop, where I got help,” he said.

He was bedridden when on the farm where I work.

“I’m in pain and can’t use my penis. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a family. I want him to pay for what he did. There was no need for him to run us over with a car. We apologised,” he said.

Orange Farm police spokesman Warrant Officer Simon Mokokatsana said the man was arrested for assault.

He said the charge was later changed to attempted murder.

“The suspect appeared in court and the case was postponed to 17 January next year,” said Mokokatsana.

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