Meet Yvonne Rofem — The Tallest Girl In Nigeria

Yvonne Rofem

AKURE, Nigeria – Meet Yvonne Rofem, a model, who has been tagged by some as the “Tallest Girl in Nigeria” and she has gained social media clout lately.


A student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Yvonne Rofem has been trending on social media in the past few months and there have been a mixed reactions on her claim to be the tallest girl in Nigeria.

The female model standing at well over 6ft is quite a popular figure on her campus in Akure.

Meet Yvonne Rofem

Yvonne Rofem’s photos surfaced on a social media recently and Nigerians in their reactions, claimed she might not be the tallest girl in the country.


Meet Yvonne Rofem
Meet Yvonne Rofem

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