Former beauty pageant queen fired after telling company she has cancer

SPAIN- Former Miss Spain Ines Sainz said she’s been fired by a cosmetic company after revealing she has breast cancer.


The former beauty pageant queen, who was working for a cosmetic company as director of communications, revealed she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer in September and claims the company decided to fire her after finding out about her disease.

Ines, who was Miss Spain in 1997 at the age of 21, said the company not only owed her €1 000 (about R16 500), they also refused to tell her the reason behind their decision.

“Clearly it was because of the cancer as I’d told them I needed to take sick leave for my breast cancer and two days later I was fired,” she said.

“They knew I had cancer. They waited for me to finish some work I had, and two days later I was fired.”

Ines claims her lawyer was told on the day Ines was having surgery that the company would no longer use the communications expert’s services.

Ines says she hadn’t expected the support she’s received, especially from fellow cancer sufferers.

According to local media reports, the company has denied any kind of breach of contract.

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