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Policewoman accuses a fellow officer of raping her 9-year-old daughter

LAGOS STATE, Nigeria – A policewoman accused a male colleague of raping her 9-year-old daughter in a Police Barracks in Oshodi, Lagos.


The 45-year-old policewoman (name withheld) on Thursday narrated to an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court how a male Police officer named Mohammed Alidu allegedly raped her daughter.

She said Alidu accosted her daughter on her way home from school on June 29, 2018, dragged her into his apartment at Makinde Barracks, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos, and raped her.

She said she was at work when her husband, who was out of Lagos, called to let her know their daughter had been raped.

She added that she immediately went to the police station located within the same compound of the barracks and she found her daughter there. Her daughter narrated what happened.

The little girl claimed she was on her way home when Mohammed called her. She ignored him and continued on her way but he approached her and forcefully took her to his apartment where he put her on a bed, tore her underwear and raped her.

Immediately after the rape the victim reported the case to the police station.

The policewoman claims that when she arrived at the Police station within the barracks, Mohammed was also there, begging and telling the divisional Police officer that it was the work of the devil.

The policewoman said her daughter was taken to the Mirabel Centre for medical examination, and test results confirmed that she had been defiled.

The victim’s underwear, which had been torn during the sexual assault incident, was recovered and kept as an exhibit in the Gender Unit of the Police Force.

When it was time to get the underage victim’s statement during Thursday’s court hearing, the judge ordered members of the public to leave the courtroom.

The judge adjourned the case until January 15, 2020, following the victim’s testimony.

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