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Murder/Suicide: Family of three found dead in apartment

TURKEY – The remains of two parents and their 6-year-old child has been found inside an apartment in a suspected case of murder-suicide by cyanide.


Police discovered their bodies in Istanbul and according to the mayor of Istanbul’s Bakirkoy neighbourhood, Bulent Kerimoglu, “It appears that the father poisoned the family with cyanide. He was suffering from a severe economic crisis, trapped in serious debt since a very long time.”  

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It appears that the father poisoned the family with cyanide

Kerimoglu added that forensic experts were investigating the exact cause of the deaths. The father, a jewellery dealer in Istanbul’s Bakirkoy district, was suffering from “depression” due to “an excessive amount of debt following some informal online business transactions,” the Istanbul chief public prosecutor’s office said.  

This is the third case of suicide since last week over alleged financial difficulties. On Saturday, a family of four, including parents and two children, were killed in cyanide poisoning in Antalya. The father had left behind a note explaining that he had been having financial problems.

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