Dad imitates baby’s ‘milk-drunk’ face – it’s hilarious![VIDEO]

This might be the coolest dad ever!


AUSTRALIA – Australian comedian Josh Hawkins and his wife Catherine welcomed their adorable little girl Billie in September.

The new dad, who often imitates Donald Trump, recently took to Instagram to share a video compilation of his daughter.

“Copying my daughter’s milk-drunk faces is my new full-time job,” Josh captioned his post.

In the adorable video, Josh can be seen mimicking his daughter’s faces after drinking milk and even replicates her outfits.

Josh’s followers were quick to flood the dad’s comment section with praise.

“This is absolute gold. Had a good laugh,” one follower said.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” said another.

The video has since garnered 94 000 views.

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