CrashCarBurn Release their most challenging music video yet [VIDEO]

Local rock group CrashCarBurn

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Local rock group CrashCarBurn may have released their latest album ‘Headlights’ back in April last year but the band has finally released the music video to the title track of the project – and it was certainly worth the wait.


The video was both shot and directed by the band’s drummer Bugsy Barnes in fits and bursts throughout 2019. From start to finish, it took over 6 months to pull the whole project together. Bugsy dreamed up a crazy idea for the video that combined a ton of technical elements to create a truly atmospheric and mesmerising effect.

The idea sounded simple enough – project a performance onto a sheet as it flies above dramatic landscapes. The execution however, was definitely not simple and required complex co-ordination and perfect timing. The band used two drones to fly the sheet through frame while projecting an image at just the right time of day.

A combination of high frame rate shooting and re-timed projection was used to give the sheet a slow-motion effect while the performance remained in sync with the track.

The video develops its concept from the song lyrics – ‘headlights will show you the way’. There is a repeating motif of lights and lens flares interacting with the performers in the video. In combination with some truly dreamy imagery, the video creates an atmosphere that sits perfectly in sync with the mood of the track.

Meanwhile, the single means a great deal to the band. The track was chosen as the title track of the album because of its experimentation with synths and 80s drums, and is described by the band as perhaps their slowest song ever written, whilst at the same time being a closet favourite for them. “‘Headlights’ is the kind of track you will hear at the end of a movie which makes it sound as if everything is going to be just fine.

It’s a song about how the right person can heal you; lift you up out of a dark place and make life something beautiful again. Once you find that person, you’ll do anything to hold onto them.” says the group’s lead singer Garth Barnes.

Watch the music video below:-

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