Tokyo Stylez takes first step towards transitioning into a woman, undergoes Breast Augmentation

USA – Tokyo Stylez, the celebrity hairstylist behind the wigs of Kylie Jenner and Cardi B has taken his first surgical steps towards transitioning into a woman.


Mia Jackson 29, who was born William Jackson recently underwent breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift to have feminine curves. 

Following successful surgery, the celebrity hairstylist shared a selfie of himself resting in bed with bandages across his chest and then wrote:

Kylie Jenner

Surgery was successful thanks again for all of you who had me in your prayers and supported me for making the decision to transition,”

Tokyo wrote:-

“You guys have no idea having the support from you all means. But most of all thanks @socalplasticsurgeon and @buttsbydesign for making my first step in transition a success.”

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