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‘Farm attacker’ hid in huge bird’s nest to evade capture by police [VIDEO]

Farm attacker hiding in a bird’s nest

NAMIBIA – The Namibian police made a bizarre discovery when they tracked down an alleged farm attacker hiding in a bird’s nest.


Police spokesperson chief inspector Pendukeni Haikali said on Monday that two farm workers had allegedly overpowered and attacked an elderly farm owner, his wife and a worker in the Kalkrand area of Namibia

Haikali said the alleged attackers tied their arms and legs with ropes and wires. The suspects stole a vehicle and fled the scene.

Haikali said the wife managed to free herself and alerted the farmer’s association, who acted swiftly.

The team intercepted the fleeing suspects between Rehoboth and Uhlernost roads, where two of them were arrested and the vehicle was recovered.

But the third suspect managed to escape.

Around noon, a Namibian police helicopter and sniffer dogs managed to track down the suspect, who was hiding in a huge weaver bird nest up a tree in the red Kalahari dunes.  

The farm owner, Stefanus Janse Van Vuuren, 75, was treated for his injuries in hospital.

The three suspects Alfons Kalola 40, Celistimus Eita 38, and Dawid Maliki 28, appeared in the Mariental Magistrate’s Court the matter was postponed to December 11.

Watch the video below:-

Farm attacker hiding in a bird’s nest

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