2021 AFCON Qualifier: Nigerians reaction as DStv fails to air Nigeria vs Benin Republic match in Uyo

NIGERIA – Some Nigerians have reacted to poor broadcast of Nigeria vs Benin Republic match in Uyo by Nigerian Television Authority, NTA.


Super Eagles had come from a 1 goal down to defeat the Squirrels of Benin 2-1 in a 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON, qualifier encounter on Wednesday in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Nigerians who were not happy with poor quality of the broadcast and commentator’s unnecessary errors, took to tweeter to vent their displeasure.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians on Twitter:

@joshkbox11, “Refree blew the whistle. Nigeria’s commentator did not hear he just saw movements. So he said I’m believing that’s the end of the match.”

@Sopein1, “It was supposed to be a match between Nigeria and Benin Republic but it ended with Super Eagles 2-Nigeria 1… If you don’t believe me, hear the commentator.

@AweelowBaba, “We and Benin no be mate. Big ups to the Super Eagles of Nigeria.”

@iamDarmeeArc, “Did I just hear super eagles 2 vs Nigeria 1 from the commentator.”

@Honey_oly, “I can’t believe the commentator said Super eagles 2-1 Nigeria. And I can’t believe its a live match I thought they played the match b4 independence NTA’s picture quality is piss poor. Congratulations Super eagles.”

@olaleyedada, “The match btw Nigeria and Benin Republic though!! The commentator so whack, I couldn’t keep still. At the end he was like “Super Eagles-2, Nigeria-1”. Even blew the whistle 7mins before the end of the match.”

@EtzPrudent, “Those of you that watched the Nigeria vs Benin match for 90 minutes are the real heroes. I couldn’t cope with that 1909 coverage. I had to change the channel. Anyway, congratulations to Super Eagles.”

@FacesbykocoMua, “I believe that’s the end of the match, that should be the end of the match, that has been the end of the match, yes it’s the end of the match! Signing out here. Super Eagles 2 – Nigeria 1 largest TV network in Africa“- commentator on NTA.”

@ofonime_ukpe, “Thank God Tammy Abraham and Tomori made a better choice, imagine their families watching them play on NTA right now. #NGABEN.”

@Emmycuzy_B, “So, This is the man aired the match #NGABEN No wonder I heard the commentator saying Super Eagles 2 Nigeria 1 #shameonnta My eyes just dey pain me.”

@tayo_taiwo, “Bruh @DStv @DStvNg on behalf of all Nigerians, we are sorry for disrespecting your company. We have taken those broadcasts for granted, thank you so much for not making NTA our national reality.”

@Iam_bossmann, “Nigeria can’t even broadcast a competitive game to football fans but want to pass a bill recommending death sentence for hate speech. When living in Nigeria and being Nigerian is almost a death sentence. Joke of a country.”

@GodwinOdiko, “How are you enjoying NTA’s coverage of #NGABEN? My country, my country #AFCON2021Q.”

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