Alleged AMCON officials storm Victory Park Estate Lagos, take over home of one of the residents despite court order stopping them

LAGOS, Nigeria – AMCON’s takeover move followed the dismissal of an appeal filed by Rev Olajide Awosedo against an October 3, 2017 judgment of the Federal High Court in a suit marked FHC/L/CS/744/17 – Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria v. Knight Rook Limited & Ors.

The appellate court also awarded a cumulative sum of N12, 966,510,191 in favour of AMCON against Knight Rook Ltd, Grant Properties Ltd, Rev Olajide Awosedo, Olawunmi Olajide-Awosedo, Abimbola Olajide-Awosedo and Fibigboye Estates Ltd.

However, Mr Mumini Shitu, one of the Homeowners at Victory Park Estate has cried out, with claims that AMCON Receiver Manager took illegal possession of his house in Lekki Victory Park Estate.

Shitu said ‘the receiver has made my issue personal and has disregarded all applicable law, he has expressed to me that he will make me suffer and made good on that threat by kicking me and family out into the street’.

Mr Mumini Shitu’s residence was allegedly stormed by Thugs and Policemen to enforce takeover.

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