This student looks just like Jennifer Lopez – and it’s freaking us out! [VIDEO]

Left Jennifer Lopez – Right Natalia Mirskikh

RUSSIA – Jennifer Lopez, is that you?

Natalia Mirskikh from Cheliabinsk in Russia has just turned 19 years old but is often mistaken for American songstress J Lo, who turned 50 earlier this year.


Now the savvy teen has decided to embrace the pair’s similar look and says it even helps her secure modelling work.

“It’s not amazing to have people mistake you for a 50-year-old when I’m not even 20 yet,” Natalie said.

Natalia Mirskikh

“But it is J Lo, who doesn’t look her age, so I do take it as a compliment.

“The first time someone told me I looked like her, I was only 14 and didn’t really know who she was.

“But when I started doing some modelling work, the makeup artists offered to style my hair and makeup just like hers and I couldn’t believe how alike we looked!

Natalia Mirskikh

“Now, all the agents and makeup artists in my city just call me J Lo. Some of them probably don’t even know my real name.”

The model reveals that she often gets stopped by people who want to take a picture with her.

Natalia Mirskikh

“It’s like being as famous as the real Jennifer Lopez!

“At first it was a bit overwhelming but now I take it in my stride and actually enjoy it.”

Natalia now hopes to meet the pop star one day.

Natalia Mirskikh

“My dream is to meet J Lo personally – I’d love to know what she thinks of my look.”

See video below on how she did it……

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