Ibadan Torture Centre: We were fed just three spoons of rice in a day – Victim makes shocking revelations.

OYO, Nigeria – The victim of Ibadan torture centre reveals how they were fed just three spoons of rice in a day.


His innocent looks could easily pass him for a gentle, easy-going lad but he’s not. Tall and dark, Abayomi (as her parents want him identified) is infamous for roguery in his vicinity in the Mushin area of Lagos State. Fighting, betting, truancy were the pastimes of the 19-year-old secondary school leaver.

His excesses stretched his parents’ patience as complaints about him poured in from neighbours – old and young.

Overwhelmed by his conduct, the parents sought advice from relations and friends and arrived at a decision they would live to regret for the rest of their life.

Sometime in July 2019, the parents in a desperate move to reform Abayomi took him to a detention camp garbed as an Arabic school at Oloore Mosque on Ojo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.

They expected that in the next few months, he would return home reformed. But two months into his stay in the torture chamber busted on Monday by the Oyo State Police Command, the once comely young chap had become a shadow of himself; looking pale, dishevelled and sickly. “My parents could no longer recognise me after spending about two months in bondage.

They picked me up and took me back home,” Abayomi, told Saturday PUNCH during the week. “I was down with sickness; they had to get a nurse to treat me for two weeks,” he stated.

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