Grade eight learner killed by fellow learner


KWAZULU NATAL, South Africa – A grade eight learner has been stabbed to death allegedly by a grade nine learner at Ekudubeni Secondary School at Nkonjeni in Ulundi in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal.

The incident took place on Friday while exams were in progress.  The learner died on the school premises. This is the second incident to occur in a space of three weeks.

Last month another pupil at a Pietermaritzburg high school died after being stabbed, while five others were hospitalised.

Provincial Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu says parents should take full responsibility for their children’s actions.

“The victim unfortunately succumbed to the stabbing and the perpetrators had been taken by the police. Unfortunately we cannot reveal the names for now because they are minors. We are quite saddened as the department as we continue to lose young lives in this manner.

As you know that it’s not the first incident in the province to happen in such a way. We continue to request the parents and communities to partner with us so that we remove all these things from the community where they originate. We want parents to take full responsibility of their children as well as the community.”

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